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Hiking tour

Day 1. You will reach the airport "Manas" in Kyrgyzstan and transfer to Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan. After placement of the hotel you have to maintain a breakfast and rest. At 19:00 one night. Night of  tour  was organized at the hotel.
Day 2. Breakfast is shown on the Engine 8:00 Kochkor in Kyrgyzstan, to visit the feeling of a carpet workshop. A trekking  tour  and travel around Kochkorka. At 19:00 one night. Nightof  tour  is organized in tents.
Days 3-5. Aimed trekking tour -Kul Lake. You will have dinner in one travel way. Koyar village ten miles distance from Kochkorka travels uphill walking tour  in the river. At 19:00 one night. Night of  tour  is organized in tents. 5-6 hours, moving every day, crossing two passes: 3260 m. and 5-days of 3700 m. Evening-in 5 days you reach the bar of the lakes Show-Kul.
Day 6. You will live in the lake coast-Kul Show bar in yurtas during  tour. At 19:00 one night. Night of  tour  held in a yurt.
Day 7. Breakfast  of  tour is at 8:00 in the morning introduced you to a lake trekking tour  round bar Show-Kul. You will have dinner in one travel  way. At 19:00 one night. Night of  tour  is organized in tents.
Day 8. Pass and travel in Bishkek. At 19:00 one night. Night of  tour  was organized at the hotel.
Day 9. Weeds in the home.

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For maintenance of availability of higher education for the population of all areas of republic the regional principle of placing of high schools is used. In 1991 80 % of all high schools took places in state capital (Bishkek), now they make 70 % and in them 53 % of all students of the country are trained. Structural and qualitative transformations to higher school networks are aimed at interrelation strengthening between formation both demographic and social changes.
Process diversifikatsii has brightly proved at level of higher education. Today in higher education system functions various types of educational institutions: academies, universities, institutes, the educational centres, etc. the Main criterion of classification of high schools quality and volume of scientific researches, scientifically-methodical workings out, structure of scientific shots, presence of the corresponding laboratory and scientific equipment is.
The quantity of specialities (now them from above 200) on which preparation of experts is conducted has doubled in comparison with the prereform period. Multilevel programs of training are entered. The program of preparation of bachelors is realised in 22 high schools, magisterskie programs - in 9 high schools.

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