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Hiking of Kazakhstan

Trekking Kazakhstan: Round 09
Mission: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking
Duration: 12 days

1. Your guide picks you at the airport and accompany you in Almaty city. Agreement at the hotel. One morning. Going from a bike to Medeo (1691 m), have dinner at "Kazakh aul" restaurant where the Kazakh national cuisine is delivered. Going from a bike back in Almaty, Night is organized at the hotel.
2. After breakfast we will start a round of trekking to Turgen, visitings of an ostrich farm. At 19:00 dinner will be presented. Night is organized in tents in the valley Turgen.
3. At 8:00 the morning is over. We will have a round of trekking along the foothills of Alatau and Pass Zailiyskiy Kokpek for Bartogai pool. Night you will spend in tents pool coast.
4. At 8:00 the morning is over. Trekking along the valley makes a trip Syugaty the "Valley of Locks". Canyon visit, on foot. Driving a bike to Korytogay throat. At 19:00 dinner will be presented. Night is organized in tents.
5. After breakfast we will start trekking along the river Kensu Kuluktau mountains, through the village Uzunbulak. At 19:00 dinner is over. Night you will spend in tents.
6. After breakfast we will start a round of trekking along Kolsay Lakes. A dinner. A sauna. Night is organized in small hotel.
7. Meet your guide at your hotel, and then will move to the airport. 


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