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Kazakh trekking

Trekking Kazakhstan: Round 010
Mission: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking
Duration: 10 days

1. Your guide picks you at the airport and accompany you in Almaty city. Agreement at the hotel. One morning. Round Almaty city. Visiting Panfilovtzev of 28 parks, Zenkov Cathedral, Museum of musical instruments, Republic Square, Monument of Independence, Medeo skating rink. One dinner at local caf. By visiting the mountain where the Kok-Tobe television tower. A rope way ride. Dinner will be presented at 19:00 in local caf. Night was organized at the hotel.
2. At 8:00 the morning is over. We will have a trekking to Charyn Canyon (200 km) - believing that the second largest in the world after the famous one in America Colorado. A dinner at a local caf. To return to Almaty, a free time. Dinner will be presented at 19:00 in local caf. Night was organized at the hotel.
3. After breakfast we will start a round of trekking to Big Almaty Lake (25 km), located at the mouth over 2500 m. above sea level. This is one of the most scenic and popular places to visit among local residents. People are involved from the beautiful nature, clean air, forests and the lake is final directly. It has been produced as a result of an ancient glacier that has left the pool. Later it has been supplied with hot water, and the lake has emerged. Return to a town and pass the railway station for a train to leave at 17:27 Shymkent. The night was organized on board the train.
4. Arriving in Shymkent early morning breakfast meeting to guide and a local cafe. Registration hotel. Shymkent city excursion. Makes a trip trekking in the foothills of the mountains Kazgurt to visit a number of animal stone which according to one legend are holy places. Return to Shymkent. Night was organized at the hotel.
5. The day will begin with a round operated by trekking to Turkestan (180 km, 3 h). In a way to ruin Otrar Arystan-trekking and mausoleum. Upon arrival at the hotel and Turkestan agreement excursion Yassawi Khodja Mausoleum Akhmet (in feet) - a sacred place for every Muslim. Returning to the hotel. At 19:00 dinner will be presented.
6. After breakfast we will start trekking to the station of departure for Aralsk at 14:24. At 19:00 dinner will be presented.
7. Arriving early in the morning in Aralsk at 03:46. Meeting at the station, go to a local family. One morning. In the afternoon city tour with a visit to the Aral Sea and the Old Harbour Museum. A dinner. Trekking makes a trip to Aralsk. Night you will go to a local family.
8. During the visit of this small town lost in the desert of salt and sand, you will see the Old Harbour Museum and the village men catch Tastubek "graveyard court", close - like people to nominate a place where the excluded - the kings of the sea courts remain broken and forgotten now. Trekking makes a trip to Aralsk. At 19:00 dinner will be presented.
9. After breakfast we will start trekking down from the Kzyl-Orda Aralsk for a train leaving for Astana at 22:30. The night was organized on board the train.
10. Meet your guide at your hotel, and then will move to the airport.


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Today, the international airline in Kazakhstan make it possible to fly to Germany, India, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Italy, Korea, Hungary, Israel, China and Thailand. Air travel by the national carrier "Air-Kazakhstan" and the other airlines operating on domestic and international markets. Most tourists prefer in terms of service and reliability of services to foreign carriers, which entails a reduction in passenger numbers on flights perpetrated by domestic carriers. In addition, the high cost of airfare increases the cost of tourism products in Kazakhstan and, consequently, reduces its competitiveness in the international market.

One of the problems still need to continue improving the regulatory framework, detailing the production activities of the Aviation Safety airports, the technical re-equipment of airports that do not have sufficient traffic volumes, as well as more stringent requirements of administrative law to ensure aviation safety.

Most of Kazakhstan's airports, including those committed to the maintenance of international air travel, do not meet international standards and requirements. Currently, only airports of Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Atyrau, Karaganda, and have the appropriate category, in this connection, the Committee of Civil Aviation has to take measures to limit the requested permits, as foreign airlines and local airlines.

Of particular concern is equipped with special equipment for the Kazakh airports servicing aircraft, passengers, baggage and cargo. At present airports of Kazakhstan is mainly equipped with special machinery and equipment production 1970-80 period, which is morally and physically worn out and are intended primarily for the maintenance of aircraft of Soviet manufacture.


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