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Kazakhstan and biking

The Kazakhstan Trekking: Trekking 04
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kazakhstan
Duration: 12 days

Day 1. Meeting at the airport Kazakhstan. Go to Almaty city. There you will have breakfast and city tour. Overnight stay at hotel. A traditional lunch will be served at the restaurant.
Day 2. At 08:00 - breakfast. Go to, accommodation stay home Karakol.
Day 3. Breakfast at 7:00. Trekking in part Chon-Ashu (3822 m)
After dinner, which is set to 01:00, you start a trekking to B - Dzhailoo in a large valley Inylchek.
Day 4. Breakfast at 7:00 and then a trekking before - Dzhailoo Chonu-Now on top of Inylchek glacier.
Lunch will be served on the trail, starting 1:00.
At 19:00 - Lunch. Night held in tents.
Day 5. After breakfast, served at 8:00, you start to move in Bivachnyi glacier,
12 noon - Lunch and departure Mertsbakher lawn.
Camps start at 18:00 and dinner will be at 19:00.
Day 6. At 08:00 - breakfast. Trekking Mertsbakher rift lake
After dinner, which is set to 01:00, start trekking down to the meadow.
Lunch at 19:00, and night will be in tents.
Day 7. Drinks will be served soon about 7 hours trekking from Mertsbakher Komsomolskiy meadow in Glacier. You will spend the night in tents.
Day 8. Once you pack your backpack, you will be serving breakfast at 08:00 before you start your trekking from Komsomolskiy Inylchek Glacier high camp. During the trip you will have a brief stop for lunch.
Day 9. Once you're finished with breakfast served at 08:00, you wont start your trekking along the foot of the peak-Tengry Hahn. Lunch will be organized on the road.
Night and have dinner in camp tents.
Day 10. You will be serving breakfast at 08:00, flying to the base camp trekking Maida-Adyr and carried out in Kara-Kol. Once you put the tent camp, you will be served lunch.
Day 11. The day begins with a morning hike. Go to Almaty. The agreement is at the hotel. Lunch in a traditional style restaurant will serve at 19:00.
Day 12. Your guide will give you at the airport, according to your flight time. 


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