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Kazakhstan and trekking

Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 06
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 9 days

1 Arrival at the airport. Transfer to Almaty city. Almaty city tour. Visit the Park Panfilovtzev 28, Zenkov Cathedral, the Museum of Musical Instruments, Republic Square, Monument of Independence, Medeo skating rink. Lunch in the cafeteria. Accommodation is in hotel.
2. On the first day of our trip we will have trekking tours to Lake Kapchagay. Trekking tour in rock paintings in the street Tamgaly Bowl. The view is gorgeous there - the big lake surrounded by mounytains-Shan Tyana. Dinner at local cafes and nightlife Kapchagay Bridge is organized into steppe.
3. In the morning you will have breakfast. Civilization is being avoided from now on, because there is no communication here. Looks like you got in the past, when meeting nomads riding their horses and yurts, standing alone on the prairie. Trekking tour in Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve.
4. Today we will be trekking tours around the Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve. Dune Trekking tour sing and Aktau Mountains - which recall the Martian landscape on Earth. Dinner and overnight is organized into ve ash-tree grove.
5. In the morning you will have breakfast. We will have trekking tour to Charyn Canyon through Sogety Valley, which is also called "Valley of Death", due to lack of water. Charyn canyon is considered to be the second largest canyon in the world after the famous one in America Colorado. Dinner and overnight is organized in the Charyn canyon.
6. In the morning you will have breakfast. Then, leaving the simple landscapes steppes and mountains of red behind, we have trekking tours in the kingdom cold-wool green trees and high mountains ili Alatau. Dinner and overnight in yurts is organized in Lake Kaindy.
7. Today we will be trekking tour through 3 passes: Alabital, Bakaly, asy and effective range and river Sarytau asy. Assy Plateau is the largest high-mountain summer pastures in the country. From ancient times Assy plateau has been known as summer pastures, which starts from Kish-Turgen River.
8. On the last day of our trip we will have trekking tours through the gorge Turgen where signs of civilization can be seen. Meet your bus and be driven back to Almaty where the gala dinner will be organized in the restaurant.
9. In the morning your guide will take you to the airport in accordance with the departure time of your data. 


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Horse riding and trekking in Kazakhstan

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Trekking and biking in Kazakhstan


Table 5 shows the rate of change for different types of passenger transport Kazakhstan for the period 2003-2006.
As can be seen from the table in 2006 compared with 2003 in the Republic increased considerably passenger flow in all directions except for river transport. There has been a change in the direction of regression, which once again confirms the need for modernization of transportation by river transport, and increasing tourism programs using this mode of transport.

Improvements to other modes of transport indicates an increase in the interest of a citizen of Kazakhstan to the tourism industry. The largest percentage growth rates shown in the direction of the tracks. This indicates a strengthening of the National Carrier "Kazakhstan Railways" in the market for tourist transport services.

In second place, road transport, due to an increase in private cabs in the face of small enterprises engaged in transport tours mainly in the CIS countries and to some extent in Europe.

As a means of delivering tourists to Kazakhstan, the main role played by air service. It is therefore extremely important issue is to develop and strengthen the market position of the national air carrier. Requires neutralization of the effect of falling competitiveness by opening up national airlines flights on similar routes.

Given the vastness of the territory of the republic, great importance is the reliable bus and rail transport as well as tourists, individuals who make up the majority of market segments, prefer independent travel on buses and trains.

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