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Kazakhstan hiking trip

Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 014
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 9 days

1. Arriving at the airport. Transfer to Almaty city. Almaty city tour including a visit to 28 Panfilovtzev Park, Zenkov Cathedral, the Museum of Musical Instruments, Republic Square, Central Mosque, Green Bazaar. Excursion to Kok-Tobe mountain, where the TV tower is located. Lift chairs. Return to hotel. Accommodation is in hotel.
2. On the first day of our trip we will have trekking tour from Almaty to Taukum desert, on the road visiting Sorbulak Lake, which is famous for its fish and birds inhabiting its shores. Stop over at the lake for several hours. Further Kanshengel trekking tours in the countryside, passing reservoir Kurty. Dinner and overnight is organized in camel farm in the neighborhood of Kanshengel or in tents.
3. In the morning you will have breakfast. We will have trekking tours through the desert north Taukum and Toparskie Lakes, which were formed by rivers and underground water are truly amazing locations not only for fishing and hunting, but mainly for bird watching.
4. We have trekking tours to see the grove and then move to the village Karoi, following the right bank of the river ili. Further we begin trekking tours in the countryside and stop in saksaul Karoi grove, looking for rare birds. Dinner and overnight in tents is organized.
5. This morning we wanted to dedicate Podoces ilensis pandemics. After breakfast transfer from Karoi Kapchagai reservoir, the road passes Bakanas, and ili Bachbachty River. Dinner is the evening. At night, we will stand on the shore of the river ili or not far from the reservoir Kapchagai.
6. In the morning you will have breakfast. We will have trekking tour from Kapchagai in Almaty (70 km), Big Almaty Lake, which is located in the gorge Big Almaty. This is one of the most scenic and popular places to visit among the locals. People like to have trekking tours there to see beautiful nature, clean air, forests.
7. In the morning you will have breakfast. We will have marble runs trekking tours looking for Severtzov of Tit-warbler - Leptopoecilasophiae. After breakfast trekking tours station Cosmo. After lunch and rest trekking tour after Ibis-Bill Lake - watch Ibidorhynchusstruthersii. Dinner and overnight in tent is organized.
8. On the last day of our trip we will have trekking tours in the outskirts of forests. After breakfast trekking tour in Almaty. On the way several stops for bird watching. In some possible places to walk. Arrival in Almaty. Dinner and overnight at the hotel is organized.
9. In the morning your guide will take you to the airport in accordance with the departure time of your data. 


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Intra-location of Kazakhstan, distance from international sea lanes and transport routes pose serious challenges to its economic development. The infrastructure of Kazakhstan is still mainly focused on servicing the economy of the CIS: there is still no pipeline connecting the main fields in western Kazakhstan with the major oil refineries in the north-east and south. Kazakhstan is used as an intermediate zone for a large flow of natural gas from Central Asian republics to Russia, and its natural gas processing, without any forwards in Russia. So now the main task for Kazakhstan was the need to improve relations within the republic.

The operational length of railways in the territory of the republic reached 14.5 thousand kilometers, the total length of highways paved (and public) - 82 thousand miles, air routes (within the country) - 108 thousand km of navigable inland how to Rivers - 4 thousand km. However, the main mode of transport for both freight and passengers (including the international communications) is road transport, which in Kazakhstan is not very convenient means of transportation. The share of rail transport accounts for only 13% of goods shipped and less than 20% of passengers on long-distance communications. The share of aviation and river transport entirely negligible in the transport of cargo and passengers in the administration took less than 4% of total passenger traffic.

Kazakhstan now has a link with all kinds of modern transport (rail and road, by air) from China and almost can carry cargo from Europe and Asia to anywhere in China, South-East Asia. Open sea links with Iran, combined (rail car) from Turkey. In May 1996, opened not long rail spur to the railway network of Iran to the borders of Turkmenistan.


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