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Tour operator Kazakhstan

Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 01
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 10 days
Day 1. Arriving at the airport. Transfer to Almaty city. Accommodation in hotel, rest, breakfast, city tour including a visit to the State Historical Museum.
Day 2. On the first day of our trip we will have trekking tours Kolsai Lake (30 km). Accommodation is in 1 Kolsai Lake (2100 m).
Day 3. In the morning you will have breakfast. Trekking tours in Kolsai Lake. Breakfast, 4-6 hours trekking tour along the river valley Kolsai 1 to 2-nd Kolsai Lake (2500 m), lunch box. Then we will continue our trekking tour. Dinner and overnight is organized in tents on the shore of the lake.
Day 4. Today you have Kolsai trekking tours around the lake. You will have 3-6 hours of trekking tours in the river valley Kolsai Kolsai Lake 3 (2900). Dinner and overnight in tents is organized.
Day 5. In the morning you will have breakfast. Trekking tours from 3-Kolsai Lake, ride needed to pass-Bulak Mountain (3273m), lunch boxes, hot dinner. Then trekking tour will be next. Dinner and overnight is organized in tents on the slope.
Day 6. After a delicious breakfast you will have 3 hours trekking tour route, lunch boxes, coach trip to the resort Bostyri. Dinner and overnight is organized in the hotel on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul alpine (1770 m).
Day 7. In the morning you will have breakfast. You will have trekking tour is in the morning. Time for fun on the lake, 3 meals a day.
Day 8. Today you will Charyn Canyon trekking tours through the mountain pass Santa. Dinner and overnight is organized in tents on the bank of the river Charyn.
Day 9. In the morning you will have breakfast. You have trekking tours in the Charyn canyon, lunch - box, coach trip to Almaty (200 km). Accommodation is in hotel.
Day 10. On the last day of our trip we will have optional excursions (shopping, sauna, national instruments museum, national instruments concert, bazaar) gala dinner. Then your guide will take you to the airport in accordance with the departure time of your data. 


Tour operator Kazakhstan: Tour 01
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Trip and travel in Kazakhstan

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Horse riding and trekking in Kazakhstan

Biking and trekking in Kazakhstan

Trekking and biking in Kazakhstan


A distinctive feature of Kazakhstan's tourist product is its seasonal nature, which requires the adoption of certain measures and development of alternative tourism in the off-season. Infrastructure, corresponding to the above segments, has certain requirements. It should be simple, relatively inexpensive medium-sized (within 25-100 seats) accommodation facilities (fixed and temporary), located on tourist routes in the green field, designed for clients staying in one place for 2-3 days.

Tourism infrastructure in Kazakhstan is represented by a set of accommodation, vehicles, objects, food, entertainment, educational, business, recreational, sporting and other purposes.

Thus, the fundamental elements of infrastructure are:

- Transport industry (air, water, road, rail);

- Hotel industry (hotels, specialized accommodation facilities);

- Food industry (restaurants, cafes, bars, canteens and other enterprises for delivery of prepared food);

- Entertainment (parks, theaters, circuses, museums, etc.).

Each element of the infrastructure of the tourism industry of Kazakhstan has its own specific features. For example, in relation to geographical location, Kazakhstan is the most developed road transport. Less developed are - water and rail transport, although the largest number of tourists arriving in Kazakhstan by rail.

Obviously, the tourism industry involves the parallel development of all elements and interrelationships of social and economic complex. Under this condition, the maximum efficiency is achieved.

In addition, along with the main operating segments, additional, providing related services such as banking and finance, information, services, insurance and communication services, etc.

Tourist transport is an essential element of the tourism industry. Transportation of tourists in the Republic of Kazakhstan carried by air, road and rail.

The vast number of tourist companies offer services such as Kazakhstan for sending citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and the enrollment of foreign students from near and far abroad and domestic tourism. Today Kazakhstan has air communication with all countries of the world. International flights, along with domestic airlines by leading international carriers.


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