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The Kazakhstan Trekking: Trekking 02
Activities: Trekking Tour
Destination: Kazakhstan
Duration: 18 days

Day 1. Your plane lands at the airport in Kazakhstan, where you will be met in accordance with your guide and escorted to the Almaty city (30 minutes transfer). The day begins with a morning hike. Will be organized city tour through the capital's most interesting places and lunch. Dinner and overnight stay at hotel.
Day 2. After breakfast you start the transfer of Shamsy canyon. On the way, you can visit the Burana Tower lunch there. You start to trekking up the gorge. Lunch and night in tents.
Day 3. After breakfast you start growing, trekking to Tuuk Pass.lunch will be organized on the road. There will be camping at the foot of the pass and lunch.
Day 4. The day begins with an early morning and lift-to-last Tuuk Bezymianny 3700 feet to over. Lunch is in the saddle of Passage. Kel-Lake backgrounds cliff-tops. Night held in tents.
Day 5. Day off. After breakfast you walk through the valley in the glacier, where you dine. Lunch and night in tents
Day 6. The day begins with breakfast and guided tours of growth for the last 3560 meters Polosaty if you go down to Kegety River to the shed, where he spent the night.
Day 7. On this day, you start with a trip to Atjaloo Valley, down the aisle, until the first spring. Lunch and night in tents
Day 8. Once you've finished your breakfast, you will be trekking to Tuuk and then Kok - Mainok River. Meeting with the car. There will be camping and dinner.
Day 9. After breakfast you trekking down the Kok - Mainok River Valley, which leads to the next row. Lunch and night in tents
Day 10. Do Pass trekking in Chon-Partak, to Issyk - ATA Valley.
Day 11. We will leave camp at 9 after you finish your breakfast. Valley Trekking Badwey They Issyk-peak. Lunch. Trekking down the river to Baty glacier.
Day 12. Trekking Issyk - They River Ashu - Glacier Tor. Lunch is on its way. You will spend the night in tents.
Day 13. After breakfast, served at 07:00, you start trekking in Issyk - They Pass 3964 m. at 4023 m. Pass Alamedin We will stop for a short lunch break somewhere in the path. Night held in tents.
Day 14. We will leave camp at 9 after you finish your breakfast. Trekking down to Altyn - Tor River. After lunch, trekking the Altyn - Tor River in Glacier. Camping. Lunch will be at 20:00
Day 15. Trekking will be Salyk Valley. After lunch, a trekking through Salyk Valley. We will stop for a short lunch break somewhere in the path. Night held in tents.
Day 16. Trekking up in Hot Springs. Lunch is on its way. Floating in the pool a natural mineral, hot springs. Chalet accommodation.
Day 17. Go to Almaty city. Lunch will be at 8 p.mOvernight hotel.
Day 18. Your guide will pick you up from your hotel to the airport at the time the transfer of Kazakhstan, when arranged in advance. 


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