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Travel Kazakhstan

Trekking Kazakhstan: Tour 05
Destination: Kazakhstan
Activities: Trekking Tour
Duration: 14 days

Day 1. Arriving at the airport. Transfer to Almaty city. Almaty city tour, including visits to the Park 28 Panfilovtzev, Zenkov Cathedral, the Museum of Musical Instruments, Republic Square, Central Mosque, the Museum of History. In the evening drive to Kok-Tobe mountain, where the TV tower is lcoated. Cable combing. Dinner and overnight at the hotel is organized.
Day 2. In the morning you will have breakfast. We will have trekking tours to Tamgaly-Tas rock paintings that are on the shore of the river ili. Transfer to Bahbahty, lunch in the village street.
Day 3. Today we will tour the village trekking Bakanas. Then trekking tour of the bridge and driving ili Topar Lakes. Lunch. Dinner and overnight in tent is organized.
Day 4. Today we will Taukum Desert trekking tour, then plateau and Kurtinskoe Bozoi reserved.
Day 5. Early morning trekking tours to Sorbulak lake, evening transfer to Almaty. Dinner and overnight at the hotel is organized.
Day 6. Today we will be trekking tours to Big Almaty lake located in Alma Arasan gorge - one of the most beautiful places in the district of Almaty. Dinner and overnight is organized in the guesthouse.
Day 7. In the morning you will have breakfast. Sugaty valley trekking tour and then to Charyn Canyon. Lunch. Dinner and overnight in tent is organized.
Day 8. Early morning trekking tour to pass Kegen, Ketmen range, Boleksaz village. Dinner and overnight in tent is organized.
Day 9. In the morning you will have breakfast. We will have trekking tours relic grove of ash trees.
Day 10. Early morning trekking tour of Almaty. Hotels in the rest hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel is organized.
Day 11. In the morning you will have breakfast. Trekking tour to pass and then Arharly Altyn-Emel Nature Reserve. Trekking tours in Aktau mountains.
Day 12. Today we will ili river trekking tour, Singing Sand Dune. Dinner and overnight in tent is organized.
Day 13. On the last day of our trip we will have trekking tour in Almaty, accommodation, hotel rest. Optional excursions (shopping, sauna, national instruments concert, bazaar, botanical garden). Gala Dinner.
Day 14. In the morning your guide will take you to the airport in accordance with the departure time of your data. 


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Biking and horse riding in Kazakhstan

Trekking and hiking in Kazakhstan

Horse riding and hiking in Kazakhstan

Biking and hiking in Kazakhstan

Horse riding and biking in Kazakhstan

The major component of tourism products is transport. The leading role in serving the needs of the transport, stable owned rail, air, road transport, with the bulk of freight and passengers within the national and in interstate communications. In recent years, the real prospects for development in the transport sector has received the Republic of maritime transport, Kazakhstan provides alternative access to the world market. The main volume of transit traffic in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan by foreign cars, including 20% ​​of transit cargo vehicles from third countries.

Transit air routes in Kazakhstan are beneficial to the foreign airlines that fly between Europe and Southeast Asia, because they can significantly reduce, the length of routes. The existing demand for the use of air transport in Kazakhstan requires improvement of facilities.

In water transport, the main transit cargo going through the port of Aktau. Railroads in Republic of Kazakhstan, due to its vast territory and export-oriented raw materials of most large companies have a strategic importance for the entire national economy. In the foreseeable future impact of the cost of rail services on the competitiveness of domestic products in domestic and foreign markets. This will increase competition from other modes of transport, and the first car.

The railway network is most developed in the northern part of Kazakhstan, where the backbone of the country's total ex-East-West. In the rest of the Republic, the network is not sufficiently developed and formed, this budget is allocated to the fund. The transport network allows you to link operating in a certain area objects of economy, transport, embedded in the transport network, determines the availability of tourist zones. Thus, transport contributes to the development of tourism in the region, but at the same time, transport accounted for 70% chemical and 90% noise pollution, which will undoubtedly harm the environment.

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