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Kyrgyz languages

What's in the XI century. Tatars lived here (since even when Genghis Khan and always called after the current Mongols), shows most clearly taken place since the Orkhon inscriptions changes in the composition of the population. More accurate data on the distribution of the peoples we are only the beginning of the end of the XII and XIII century., Ie performances of the era of Genghis Khan. At this time, even in the upper reaches of the Yenisei River, just south of the Kyrgyz people, people of Mongol origin live, Oirats, whose language is only a dialectically different from the language of the Mongols of Genghis Khan.
There is a Chinese word that from the "Oira Kergisy up," ie, probably from the center of the area to the southern border Oirats of the Kirghiz, considered five crossings. How are mixed the two languages, Turkish and Mongolian, can be seen from the words of Rashid al-Din, which formed the headwaters of the Yenisei river called Sekiz-Muren ("Eight Rivers") to the Mongolian word Muren ("river"), the charge of the Turkish numerals. Now in this area is known to live in the Turks, though under the strong influence of the Mongol, the names of rivers and on the modern map is Mongolian, one of them, usu-Ebe, is already in Rashid al-Din.
Despite the brevity of the Kyrgyz domination in Mongolia, preserved the memory of the Kirghiz of the Mongols still may be the very reason that the Kirghiz were the last people who lived in Mongolia, and prevailed prior to occupancy of this country the Mongols. "Kyrgyz" called ancient graves throughout the Western Mongolia to nearly Orkhon, including those who actually do not belong to the Kirghiz, and their predecessors - the Uighurs and others. Ramstedt mentions of "Kyrgyz" graves between Selenga and Orkhon, near the monument with the inscription, which speaks of the reign of one of the Uighur Hagan VIII century.


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