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Kyrgyzstan ethnography

Since a detailed analysis of the previously available archaeological, written sources of information, data, ethnography, and the Kyrgyz language has already been made in the relevant section of the "History of the Kirghiz SSR," try to analyze here only those materials that have been identified in recent years. In this regard, one should note the results of recent studies of Kazakh archaeologists. The authors of the monograph "Archaeological sites in the flood zone Schulbinskoy HPP", defining the ethnic and cultural identity of monuments [C. 210] medieval nomads Irtysh IX-X centuries. note that the complexity of the ethnic composition kimak political association is reflected in the variety of burial rites of the population of the region. In particular, it is established: among the burial mounds with burials Zevakino rite of cremation, no doubt, there are those in which the buried drevnekirgizskogo representatives of society, and some burial sites Dzhartas indicate the existence at the time of close contacts with the local population Yenisei Kyrgyz. In this case we are talking about the interrelation between local funeral rite and came kimak Kyrgyz tribes who occupied this dominant position. A similar conclusion was also another group of archaeologists, which in recent years has investigated a number of cemeteries in South-Western Altai. Results of the study of this group have shown that in IX-X centuries. Yenisei Kirghiz not only penetrated into the southern and western regions of the Altai, but also intensively mixed with the local kimak and other Turkic tribes.


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