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Kyrgyzstan hiking

Day 1: Reach the airport "Manas" and Karakol, 400 km from the airport. The road goes before the snow chains on the mountains make this shift from an interesting trip. After a dinner at the cafe goes way ahead shores of Lake Issyk Kul beautiful, pearls Tjan-Shan. He is the second largest alpine lake in the world, which has been finished with the top of the snow peaks of 5000 meters, will be forever in your memories. Upon arriving in Karakol you will be placed in a small private hotel or small hotel.
Day 2: first day of our journey begins with driving on the road in the valley Kaindy by airing mountain forests and among the rocks along the rushing waters of many mountain rivers. You will have dinner in one way. After dinner, begins a brief round of trekking in a valley above the base, where we have established a camp. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents.
Day 3: Today you will be trekking round the river valley on the basis of Kaindy. You will have dinner on the bank of the River Mountain hurry. A Western-Djailo'o trekking to the camp Valley and settled there. In the evening you will have dinner round the fire. Spend the night in tents.
Day 4: Today you will be trekking round - Djailo'o Pass (3674 m) in the valley east Djailo'o. Low pass over the small alpine lakes. A dinner. A Enilchek Valley trekking and camp located in the camping platforms Gribkovski. Visit the Russian bath before dinner. In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents.
Day 5: morning, we will start trekking to the basics of a higher Enilchek along the river valley. A dinner. A trekking a glacier. Camp at the foot of Nansen peak (5697 m). Spend the night in tents.
Day 6: In the morning we begin a round of trekking across a glacier to glacier Putevodnyi. A dinner. A trekking in side moraine camp "clay". In the evening you will have dinner and spend the night in tents on the moraine party.
Day 7: Today you will be trekking on a glacier table on the lawn Inylchek Merzbacher - a last place on the road with bar located on the shore of Lake Merzbacher. These small metal cabin suitable for 4 people and large green areas around approaches for camping. A dinner. A free time to investigate the surrounding area. Spend the night in tents or in a cabin.
Day 8: Morning flight over a glacier in southern Inlylchek Inylchek base camp - located on a lateral moraine. A camp dinner with great panoramic type of Khan Tengri peak (6995 m) and POBEDA peak (7439 m) - highest peak in Kyrgyzstan. A free time or a round trekking to ABC Khan Tengri. A shower and sauna visit. A dinner. It is also possible to visit a bar with a good choice of drinks, to check e-mail to "internet cafe" or to call home via satellite phone. Spend the night in tents.
Day 9: Today you will be a trekking around. A possible variant of a trekking peak POBEDA operated for ABC. A dinner. Investigation of the neighborhood. A dinner. Suddenly in tents.
Day 10: In the morning the whole mountain of thought to add Karkara. Meet with appropriate air conditioner of a vehicle. Traveling to Lake Issyk Kul coast is the second-largest alpine lake in the world. You will have dinner in one way. On arrival was recorded on board or hotel. A free time for swimming and rest. Spend the night on board.
Day 11: Last day of our journey to full machine to Bishkek (240 km) - the capital of Kyrgyzstan. You will have dinner in the restaurant. Agreement on the board. Research Brief footage of Bishkek and a free time to make the purchase. In the evening you will have dinner in the restaurant. Spend the night on board.
Day 12: Pass the airport for departure.


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