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Kyrgyzstan travels and tours
Kyrgyzstan Round: Round 001
Mission: Kyrgyzstan
Actions: Round Trekking
Duration: 12 days

Day 1: In the morning we start the journey by driving in Karakol city and Boz-Uchuck Barskoon Village130 km. After dinner your first adventure begins outside. Top Bose-Uchuk through the woods. Three times you will cross the river before the ball Bose-Uchuk increase Bose-Uchuk pass (3362 m). Distance of 20-25 km. A dinner and suddenly in tents.
Day 2: Your morning will be delivered at 7:00 Trekking through the Canyon and Kok-Kiya Turgot jailoo shepherds usually carry natural grazing flocks. You learn about the validity of nomadic Kyrgyz. Distance of 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Dinner is organized on the road. Night is organized in tents.
Day 3: Trekking round the Pass-Karakyr Kok-Kiya (3822 m) and Ottuk River. From the top you pass the beautiful landscape of mountains Tjan-Shan. Overnight is in tents.
4 days: morning round trip on the river and through a Ottyk narrow canyon. You will pass Torpu Pass (3550 m) and river-Maisaz Koiluu jailoo. Distance of 25-35 km. Time: 5-6 hours. 19:00 In Your dinner will be presented
Day 5: After a delightful breakfast we start trekking round and Pass Maisaz Kurusai of 3 760 m. and the cross Taldysuu. In addition, if you are successful, you can see mountain goats and sheep Marco Polo. Distance makes the 30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. 19:00 In Your dinner will be presented
Day 6: Trekking in the morning in a nearby street, Kichi Taldy-Chung Su-Taldy-Suu where you will be surprised by the beauty of this valley. Night is organized in tents.
Day 7: Your morning will be presented in 7 rounds in a way amTrekking Saryjaz river, you come to the village Engilchek, then a trekking through Terecti Gorge where you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery of a poplar, juniper elegant. Distance of 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night is organized in tents.
Day 8: Your morning will be delivered at 7:00 in the morning, we begin by trekking round the Achator Sarytor and Eckichat. Dinner is organized on the road. Distance 25-35 km. Time: 5-6 hours.
Day 9:. A morning round of trekking in Kyzylsky Ekichat-pass (3700 m) Yak grass hunting for a picture with yaks will meet with you here. Please do not try to catch a yak. Bashkol mountain lake surrounded by snowy mountain tops, like a fine diamond ring. Your dinner will be presented at 19:00, the night is organized in tents.
Day 10: After a delightful breakfast we start trekking for round-Кызыла Bashkol Pass (3700 m). Eckichat jailoo (Meadows). Distance of 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours.
Day 11: Your morning will be delivered to the round valley amTrekking Terecti 7. Distance of 25-30 km. Time: 5-6 hours. Night is organized in tents.
Day 12: Valley Terecti Engilchek left the village where our horses will meet in the car in the morning and carry that Barskoon. Absorbed a hot water bath. Dinner and night held in private homes.

Public policy also includes the internationalization of higher education as one of the important areas in order to integrate schools in Kyrgyzstan in the world educational space. This process is carried out more successfully with the active participation of our state to develop a strategy of entering the world educational space. At present the main directions in this regard are:
- Recognition of diplomas Kyrgyzskoy Republic abroad;
- Accreditation of higher education institutions in international organizations;
- Improving the quality of education up to world standards.
Politics of Kyrgyzstan in the field of education aims to establish a holistic system of international cooperation. The process of reforming the education system is based on the principles of creating a single (general) education space within the CIS and out into the world educational space.
It should be noted that the country has all the prerequisites for the successful achievement of this goal, as a multilevel system of higher education with the use of modern educational technology, creates a real opportunity for the youth of Kyrgyzstan in international programs in higher education.

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Facts Traveler - This section provides the information needed for your trip
Here is the place to shop inches Kyrgyzstan us to find information on obtaining a visa. Nomad World - you can find another world, because I come to learn more about Kyrgyzstan and its life. Kyrgyzstan's mountains, the sky, the earth. The Tien Shan and Pamir mountains in Kyrgyzstan, as well as a breathtaking sight. For the protection of cultural property in the mountains have been here many centuries ago. And the beautiful mountains and rivers, rich in pastures and love of Kyrgyzstan. Nomadic cattle, you warmest months in the mountains, they went down river in the fall of Kyrgyzstan. The mountainous territory of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan - This is a view of the whole is surrounded by mountains yet. People who come in Kyrgyzstan for trekking or horse riding always come back again. Friends and relatives of the Kyrgyz Republic. Give them what they need, always Kyrgyzstan. This is the country where you will be able to relax and forget about the many challenges to freedom of opinion.
Kyrgyzstan is also a paradise for photographs. You can find a number of places of natural beauty with beautiful pictures. The Kyrgyz Republic has a lot of pictures, we recommend that everything with his own eyes. Kyrgyzstan is a country of the Republic, as here, the facts, horse-riding, skiing, hiking, biking, and many other to find a lot of exciting action to prevent it. Kyrgyzstan is waiting for you. And its hospitality and deep traditions of centuries of Kyrgyzstan will be like. The people of Kyrgyzstan, but retained the habit, you will find them at the time of travel. Kyrgyzstan, a unique culture and people. After the first visit, many people come here to see me again.
         The new guide by David Peytray "Kyrgyzstan travel" is. Kyrgyzstan is the information needed for a lot of useful facts, this guide has gained popularity among travelers. The best highlights of Kyrgyzstan is described. If this were a book, you can find something interesting and surprising a lot of history, where people live in Kyrgyzstan, the interim period, ancient and modern life. Nomads and lived for many years on a wide variety of traditions and customs. Some really a surprise. Kyrgyz people live in the mountains, we have a unique culture. In addition, Kyrgyzstan guide book can give you a lot of information useful for trekking. These tours are more popular in the world. There is a very popular trekking in Kyrgyzstan today. In many places, trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan. This place is not a secret. Kyrgyzstan trekking tour along mountain valleys I have. Kyrgyzstan trekking you will meet some nomads. They still prefer to live in the mountains. You see the culture of the Kyrgyz Republic, and even if you want to get a chance to stay the night Kirugisupao. Kyrgyzstan has been very friendly and open people, and they will be welcome in their home. Overall, the trek to spend some time to complete, are required to rest. Kyrgyzstan, an unforgettable trek you are traveling, some of the country's food and drink can. This is in spite of the country's unspoiled nature and enjoy the trekking in Kyrgyzstan, where you will be able to fully relax. Kyrgyzstan trekking tour to visit the most beautiful canyon. Valley, a trekking tour in Kyrgyzstan is very good. Nomadic Kyrgyzstan - Kyrgyz Tien Shan, and you are trekking in the mountains to provide real! This is your chance to explore new lands! You can go for trekking in Kyrgyzstan, if you are looking for a place for a loan, do not waste your time, your device can. Kyrgyzstan is a very nice place to go trekking to family and friends. The author of the best trekking tour through a travel agent is better, he says. Security would have the time to do trekking in this way. You trekking tours Kyrgyzstan is open for tourists who are always welcome and look. Ishikuishikukuru the best place in the lake, the water does not freeze in winter mountains, trekking in Kyrgyzstan and the southern shore of the lake, the second largest in the world Terusuaru. In this book a number of ways to go trekking, trekking alone, can you, an experienced guide, we suggest that. Here, you will be able to create a fantasy for a great career. Therefore, trekking tours, trekking here with people of all ages will have the opportunity to choose the level of complexity. You only need to trekking in Kyrgyzstan, it is possible to relax and enjoy the deep intention of the beautiful views.
He was able to arrange a number of tours in Kyrgyzstan. This trekking, horse riding, bird watching, skiing, snowboarding.
What more can be recommended trekking tours in Kyrgyzstan:
Tour: TR - 01
 Trekking tour in any region of the Kyrgyz Republic. You can find the canyon trekking tour through the lakes and rivers are known for. The wrong direction for the trekking tour guides who can get the driver lived. It does not have to lose your way it will not be a problem for trekking. If you travel with an organized trek, then this is for you. Kyrgyzstan trekking tour is already in the list of the most interesting and memorable. Kyrgyzstan is known as the best place for trekking tour. In some places, you can combine a cultural and trekking tours, trekking close to the city of Bishkek. This is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the life of the people of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan trekking. You can live with trekking in Kyrgyzstan.

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