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 Genghis Khan descendants have revived a city, and Tamerlan has made its capital of the empire. Both the conqueror, and its successors did not regret some gold on an ornament of Samarkand. Grandson Tamerlana, great astronomer Ulugbek, has constructed many fine buildings, in particular surprising beauty medrese - a Muslim spiritual educational institution. Once again Samarkand has been destroyed by nomads Uzbeks. Having grasped the earths of present Uzbekistan, they have created the monarchic states in local oases. Most powerful of them were: the Khivan and Bukhara khanates which have existed till 1920. The shape of ancient Bukhara has developed in XVI-XVII centuries. Walls of an ancient citadel and more than hundred architectural monuments of that epoch up to now have remained.

In Soviet times along with Samarkand and Bukhara all without an exception tourist routes across Central Asia included visiting of Khiva. With disorder of the Union the stream of tourists was sharply reduced. But ancient Khiva has not come to desolation. The city part is transformed into the state istoriko-archaeological memorial estate. It is called "Ichang-kala". Here set of monuments of architecture, but the main thing - it is manned. People live in this area how lived always. Basically it is hereditary masters: smiths, carvers, weavers.

In the list of values of universal value Khoresm takes a special place. In 1997 Khiva has celebrated the 2500 anniversary.

From other Uzbekistan Khiva is separated by desert Kyzyl Kum; at first it is necessary to overcome 400 km from Bukhara to Urgench, an administrative centre of Khoresm, and therefrom it is already possible to reach to Khiva, approximately in an hour on a country trolleybus route.

Fig. 2 Scheme of trolleybus routes of Urgench-Khiva.

Urgench - the international airport of the city with the same name in the west of Uzbekistan, the centre of the Khorezm area.

Airdrome "Urgench" of 1st class, is capable to accept the majority of types of planes (-62, -86, -310), and also helicopters of all types.


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