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The portal is decorated with images of living beings. This was the first architects to move away from traditional decor. Of great interest is the portal tympanum decoration, made in the technique of polychrome mosaics.
By the radiant sun, a fabulous bird of happiness rush Semurg holding in the claws of animals. It is also present floral design - spiraling stems and flowers.
The decor is not red. This is because it is associated with the heat, as well as. the climate was very hot, the architects tried to decorate their creations more cold blue, green, blue and yellow tones that predominate here. The portal inscription in Arabic, she says: "Allah is great, Mohammed is his prophet." It was a traditional element to decorate the portals of madrassahs inscriptions.
The word madrassa Arab origin, came from the word Darcy - a lesson. This school, appeared at the time approved of Islam. It studied the Quran, Arabic and Persian languages, secular science, geography and history of the area.
A square yard is surrounded by hudjras in 2 floors. A distinctive feature of the madrassa that is not a mosque and a classroom (darskhona). This is because the madrasa was intended originally as a caravanserai, but for some reason, then was turned into a madrassa. Currently, the madrasa is a craft center.
Ulugbek Madrasah (1417)
The oldest of the 3 madrassahs constructed by Timur's grandson - the governor, scientists astronomer Mirzo Ulugbek. This is a rectangular building with a courtyard and main entrance, decorated with high portal - peshtak. The facade is a two-tiered arcade and has 2 wings.

Since 1992 the line to China through Almaty and Urumchi is regularly maintained; in 1996 the line of the shortest way to Persian gulf through Turkmenistan and Iran, to Bosporus and the Mediterranean ports - through Turkey has earned. The lining of a new branch line to China through Fergana valley and Kyrgyzstan (Andizhan - Dzhalal Abad - Teem - Kashgar) begins extent of 577 kilometres. Today Uzbekistan uses six different directions of rail transportation.
The central-Asian corridor through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey - this "gold" piece of the Great silk way - conducts already to Southeast Europe. In territory of Iran the highway is dismembered on two branches. SHirotnaja goes in a direction of Europe, and meridionalnaja - to ports of Persian gulf. Last site coincides with a corridor "the North - the South". To function the central-Asian corridor has begun in 1996 - after end of building of the 300-kilometre crosspiece which have connected railways of the Central Asia with a network of steel ways of Iran.
The new corridor is perspective and for development of passenger transportations. The memorandum of mutual understanding between administrations of railways of Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan is signed. The document provides creation of a new international passenger route of Almaty - Tashkent - Turkmenabad - Serahs - Meshed - Teheran. Extent of a route - 3290 kilometres, following time in a way - 68 hours.
The central-Asian corridor receives especially important role in connection with development on the Great silk way of tourism.



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