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Uzbekistan is one of the safest countries in the CIS. For foreigners in Uzbekistan are friendly and welcoming. The Uzbek people are very welcome in nature and is renowned for its hospitality. Sometimes the police on the streets asking foreigners to produce documents.
In Uzbekistan, is largely absent infectious diseases. Official recommendations for vaccination for visitors there. Nevertheless, we recommend that you take with your personal medications that you usually eat at home, because you can not find this drug from the same manufacturer or with the same name as in your country.
No problem with taking pictures at the historical sites in Central Asia. Photography inside some religious sites, as well as airports, w / road stations and near military installations may be banned.
If in doubt, please refer to your escort.
In the photograph may be charged on most sites visited (in the tour cost is not included).
Film and batteries for cameras, we recommend to buy in advance, especially if your camera is the latest modification, or for your camera requires a certain type of film or batteries.


Deep marketing researches of the market of tourist services, aktivizirovanie the state noncommercial advertising of tourist possibilities of republic in the basic foreign tourist markets, and also the complex advertising-information program on creation of attractive tourist image of the country, creation of a uniform national brand and a logo of a tourist product of Uzbekistan are necessary.

Besides, as experts NK "Uzbekturizm" believe, it is necessary to develop the is standard-legal base regulating tourist activity, to improve the mechanism of attraction of internal and external investments for tourism development, to raise efficiency of preparation of tourist shots.

One of these days Uzbekistan has noted the independence 20 anniversary. In Tashkent there have passed magnificent celebrations. With special speech the permanent head of largest of the countries of Central Asia Islam Karimov has acted.

"Two decades ago, resolutely having refused the old, become obsolete totalitarian Soviet system, we have entered a new stage of the historical development - constructions of the open democratic state with socially focused market economy, a free and independent life to which many centuries our people" aspired, - the president has told.

Meanwhile significant day has met Uzbekistan in the conditions few reminding the open democratic state. In August in the country access to sites of variety of the Russian and western mass-media, searchers Rambler and Google has been blocked. It is not excluded, that it became in connection with the independence 20 anniversary that to significant date on the country leaders flew less critics.



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