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 Day 1: Meeting at the airport in Tashkent and Tashkent city transfer. You will have breakfast at the hotel. This night you will spend in Tashkent.
Day 2: On the first day of our tour we will have a morning flight to Urgench. Arrive in Urgench and Khiva pass. Adapted to the hotel. Survey images of Khiva: .. IChat-Kala architectural Mohammed Amin Khan madrassah, peg-box Lock (1617 c), a new tower Kalt, Tash-Hovli Palace (c. 19), Pahlavan Mahmud Mausoleum (1418 c). , Juma Mosque (c. 10). Dinner overnight. This night you will spend in the hotel in Khiva.
Day 3: Breakfast at hotel. Khiva leave in the morning and go to Bukhara (6 hours). In a way a way to stop the Amudarya river for a picnic dinner. Arrival in Bukhara. Registration at the hotel. This night you will spend in the hotel in Bukhara.
Day 4: In the morning you will have breakfast. Excursions Bukhara: Ismail Samonid mausoleum (a burial place of the Samani dynasty founder Ismail Samani, 10th century), Minaret Passes also provides Passes drink glass, Miri Arab Madrassah (16th century), Magoki Attory mosque. It is very interesting building, with a 12th century facade and restored in the 16th century, with ornaments of a temple Zoroastrijsky below. A dinner and overnight. This night you will spend in the hotel in Bukhara.
Day 5: In the first half day excursion continue Bukhara: Ark Fortress (home to the governors of Bukhara), Museums in Ark Fortress, Chor teenagers, a summer residence of Bukhara governors. A dinner. Motor of Samarkand (3 hours). Arrival in Samarkand. Solutions to the hotel. This night you will spend in the hotel in Samarkand.
Day 6: Excursion Samarkand which will include: famous Registan Square (with Century 17 Sherdor madrasas, Such Kori and Ulugbek 15th century), Shokhi Zinda necropolis (important pilgrimage place in Samarkand), remains of Bibi Khanum superb Mosque, Mausoleum of Gur Emir (where invading Emir Temur (Tamerlane), his sons and two grandsons two is buried, the 15th century), Ulugbek Observatory. A dinner and overnight. This night you will spend in the hotel in Samarkand.
Day 7: In the morning you will have breakfast. Tashkent engine (4 hours). Arrive in Tashkent. Solutions to the hotel. A dinner. Excursion Tashkent, including the Chorsu Market visitings in a part of the old town of Tashkent, and Khas Imom Kukuldash mosque - Muslim religious official center in Central Asia, consists of Barak Khan Madrassah (16 cents), Such Shaykh Mosque - Koran Osman which as I believe, was the oldest Quran in the world, is held in the library of the mosque, Abu Bakr Shoshi mausoleum Kaffal - Islamic century scientist 1314. This night you will spend in the hotel in Tashkent.
Day 8: Morning flight to Fergana. Arrive in Fergana, solutions to the hotel. Kokand engine: Governor's Palace visit Kokand, 19 century, madrasas and mosques Narbutebay Juma. A dinner. Rishtan motorcycle on the road to visit a pottery workshop. This night you will spend in the hotel in Fergana.
Day 9: Last day of our tour we will go to Margelan. Visit the silk factory. A dinner. Fergana excursion. Return flight to Tashkent. This night you will spend in the hotel in Tashkent.
Day 10: Pass the airport for your initial flight.



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In Uzbekistan, 80 km from Tashkent, in the spur of Chatkal range at an altitude of 1600 m is a large tourist skiing complex Chimgan. Ski season is not so prolonged - even in mid-March slopes are difficult because of the viscous, wet snow. Ski slopes up in 1500 and 800 m and 300-500 m long set of slopes for skiing and training novice 800-meter equipped with a chairlift, two large and a dozen short lyzhebuksirov. There is a tourist hotel complex for 700 places, a large rental skis and sleds. In winter, the slopes for skiing and tobogganing come the people of Uzbekistan and foreign tourists.
The construction of a sports ski center in the tract Beldersay, located 4 km from Chimgan (in the direction of Tashkent). Downhill runs the length of 3 to 5 km at an altitude of 1600 - 2900 m were laid on the northern slope. The snow here is longer than in Chimgan: from November to May. On the slopes of a 2-kilometer-long road and a large kanatnokreselnaya lyzhebuksir. Built in Beldersay comfortable hotel.
Samarkand - one of the oldest cities in the world, along with Rome, Athens, Babylon - stepped over the 2,500 th anniversary. "A shining point of the globe," "Face of the Earth," "Rome of the East", so called in the East since ancient times, this unique city of destiny complicated and unique architecture. The natural abundance of Zarafshan Valley, where originated Samarkand, sung in the sacred hymns of "Avesta".

Samarkand from the first day was destined to dramaticheskavya fate. Being the capital of a powerful


1.5 The Metropolitan
Architecture of the Tashkent metro stations, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world and why a visit to their already long been a tradition for visitors and guests. Construction of the Tashkent subway (only on the date of the underground in Central Asia, built in seismically active area) was started in 1970 and the first line of length 12, 2 km and 9 stations was launched in 1977. The opening was timed to celebrate the next anniversary of the October Revolution. Tashkent subway was built with technical assistance from Moscow Metrostroy.
At present, the length of the three subway lines with 29 stations is 37, 5 kilometers. Tashkent has an area of 260 square kilometers and a population of more than two and a half million residents, so Metro is strategically important transportation system capital.
In Fig. 1 The most popular vehicles among the tourists in Uzbekistan
The figure shows that the most demanded tourist way to travel to Uzbekistan - a flight. Crossings in demand in the two times smaller. Moving on car transport selects a smaller number of tourists.
Chapter II. Ways to deliver tourists to the tourist centers of Uzbekistan
Transportation Amtrak coach car
The practical part of the work is devoted to different ways of delivering tourists to the tourist centers of Uzbekistan, namely, the capital of the republic - the city of Tashkent and Khiva.

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