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Day 1: Will you nuts to airport "Tashkent" Where Will your guide meet you. Will you accompany in the city of Tashkent. Then Will you have breakfast and rest. In Second half of day trip on a city, "the New Tashkent television tower" - the Highest in the Central Asia - 375 m, "the Memorial to Victims of reprisals" - a memorial and a museum complex, "the Courage Monument" ( 1976) - 1966 Tashkent earthquake epicentre. An old part of a city: an Architectural complex "-Hazrat Imam". Night in hotel.
Day 2: In the first day of Our Trip w Will have a Departure to Samarkand (315 km, 5 hours) and placing in hotel. The city on a sightseeing trip Includes visiting "the Gur-Emir mausoleum wall" - Тамерлана tomb (the 14-fifteenth C) Which item has been Constructed for grandson Muhammad-Sultan Temur and the Tombs of three others Темуридов - sons Темура - Мираншаха and Шахрух and Its grandson Ulugbek. Night in capital Tamerlana empire.
Day 3: Today you visit: Сиаб a market to try the best breads and fruit Samarkand, excavation and a museum of the ancient city of AFROSIAB, mausoleum Ходжа Данияра - legend Associates it with the Koran and bible prophet Danijara (Daniel), Whose Remains Тамерланом Were Here. Free time to spend a free time. Night in one of the MOST ancient cities in the world.
Day 4: Day begins with transfer in Шахрисабз - a unique monument of town-Planning and Architecture (90 km, 1.5 hours). Шахрисабз trip: Ruins "Ak-shed" - Tamerlana summer residence, have shaken qual Imagination of contemporaries (the fifteenth 14-C), "Джахонгир the mausoleum" - the mausoleum of senior Tamerlana and favorite son. Later arrival day in Bukhara and placing in hotel. Night in Bukhara.
5 day: in the Morning Will you have breakfast. A city on a sightseeing trip: mausoleum Саманидов - The Most ancient brick building in the Central Asia, a Masterpiece of world architecture (9-Tenth), mausoleum Чашма Аюб Esteemed That concerns them to "trace places" to the left of Sacred (14 ). The legend says, that once Iov Biblical prophet (Айюб) visited this place runs. Visiting of Museums of Imam al-Bukhari and "a Water Museum". "Боло-Houz to a mosque" - a unique monument of Medieval Bukhara (the beginning 20-C), Арк - the center of statehood of Bukhara (4 C BC), Silk carpets of shops, a complex "Give them drink Калон" ("Under the Big"): "Калян minarets" - the main symbol of Sacred Bukhara qual symbolised the power and force of spiritual governors.
Day 6: Outside of a city trip: the emir the Summer residence "Hosa Ситора-Mocha" (19), memorial necropolises "Chor-Bakr" (10), visiting of mausoleum Бахоуддина Накшбанди (the 16-nineteenth C), and Also Tombs of His mother and Its instructor (14). Returning to Bukhara. A free time for rest and walks on old Streets of Bukhara. Night in silent and cosy hotel of Bukhara.
Day 7: Moving to Khiva through desert Kyzyl-godfather lengthways караванной to road (480 km, 5-7 hours). Arrival in Khiva - only "the open-air Museum" in the Central Asia encounters Which Was Completely remained up to now. Placing in the hotel Located inside or Nearby "Ichang-Kala" - the Historical center of Khiva Which item has been entered in UNESCOWorld of a Heritage list. A free time. Night in Khiva.
Day 8: In The Morning Will you have breakfast. Trip on a city an Architectural complex. The ensemble consists of the smalles медресе qual minaret in Khiva and the top platform of 45 m in height and is the Highest point in a city. In Second half of day a transfer in Camping Аязкала the pontoon bridge through Amu Darya and Tuprakkala an Ancient Fortress (the second-third centuries) Placing in yurtas. A walking trip on foot atrip Аязкала 1 and 2 Аязкала forts. Night in traditional style of the Silk Way of century
Day 9: In The Morning Will you have breakfast. Then you learn how to go CAMELS. Trip in Ayazkul lakes. Fishing, Swimming, and Rowing. A dinner. To return in yurtas. A transfer in the airport of Urgench (80 km, 1.5 hours), HY 1058 on evening flight to Tashkent at 21:10. Arrival in Tashkent at 23:15 and placing in hotel. Night in Tashkent.
Day 10: last day trip We Will Have Our Trip Across Tashkent: "Чорсу" - east market, "National Park", "Абдулкасим медресе", that is now the center of traditional arts with Attractive Souvenirs of local handicraftsmen (19. The Free Across my walk Tashkent for Its beautiful to see Areas and Fountains, Museums and galleries to visit, and Tashkent of the undergtrip - one of the MOST beautiful in the world. Then Will you return on your guide at the airport of Tashkent.




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In modern Uzbekistan has many great hotels, cozy B & Bs and small private hotels that provide guests with a good rest at a fairly large range of prices. All hotels are licensed tourist enterprises, whose regular service is in the process of certification. Service also includes licensed hotels for foreigners binding registration procedure.
Currently, the majority of tourists entering into Uzbekistan and leave the country through the Uzbek capital Tashkent. In Tashkent, has an international airport, airport domestic airlines, two bus stations and a few station in different directions. Tashkent International Airport serves the following aircraft airlines operating on international voyages: Usbekistan Airways, British Airways, Asiana Airlines, Turkish Air, Transaero, Aeroflot, Domodedovo Airlines, Air Kazakhstan and the Star Alliance.
Another three airports in Uzbekistan in the major tourist centers, Bukhara, Samarkand and Urgench have international status.
Foreign currency can be imported into the country in unlimited quantities, but the amount of fill imported to the customs dekloratsiyu. One copy of the customs declaration after the test is always at the customs post. The second copy will need when you leave the country and can play a very important role for you. So keep a second copy in a safe place and try not to lose it, so as not to spoil your holiday.

In this case, unlike the centrally planned and free market economy, a national model envisages the formation of socially oriented market economy in which to reform and economic development is the creation of worthy conditions of human development, ensuring a reliable social safety net and raise the living standards of the population. At present, social policy within the national model of transition to a market economy is based on the fundamental problems of the current phase of reform: the completion of privatization and the formation of a layer of real owners, the national currency, the restructuring of the economy - its reorientation to produce the final product. The main objectives of social policy are to increase the level and quality of life, creating the conditions to better meet the material and spiritual needs of all social groups based on the promotion of employment and economic activity of citizens, strengthening social justice, improving the mechanism for social security and social protection.


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