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In the case of the large amount of dosage forms in the same package should focus on the total number of vials or tablets in accordance with the submitted list;
for personal use without paying customs duties consumer goods, total value does not exceed an amount equivalent to fifty (50) U.S. dollars, if the goods are imported from the territory of neighboring states;
for personal use without paying customs duties (VAT, customs duty, registration fee) products, the total cost does not exceed the equivalent of 1,000 (one thousand) U.S. dollars, if the goods are imported from the territory of non-neighboring countries, which include Ukraine;
the importation of goods for their own needs over those rules individuals pay the following customs duties:
- Collection of individuals - of 20% of the value exceeding the duty-free import rules;
- Customs duties - on the rates of the value exceeding the duty-free import rules;
- Excise tax - on the rates of the value exceeding the norms of import of goods without payment of excise tax;
- Value added tax - amounting to 20% of the cost in excess of duty-free import rules to which is added to the amount of duty payable, but also on excisable goods and the amount of excise tax.


Compound components of a labour market are:

1. Demand for work

2. The work offer

3. The labour price

4. Labour cost

5. A competition

Demand for work - reflects total amount of public requirements for a labour, presented on a labour market.

The work offer - total of the labour characterised by number and structure (a sex, age, formation, a trade, qualification etc.).

By a labour its wages are.

Labour cost is defined by public costs on its reproduction, i.e. volume of the consumed material and non-material blessings.

The basic mechanism of functioning of a labour market is the competition - as between employers for attraction of a high-efficiency labour, and between workers for replacement of vacant workplaces in system of a public division of labour, and also between workers and employers for conditions of the labour agreement and a payment etc.

Thus, the labour market represents a specific kind of the commodity market which distinctive feature is that realisation of a special sort of the goods - a labour here is carried out, or abilities of the person to work.

As the economic concept, a labour market reflects mutual relations between owners of these goods (hired workers), simultaneously being both its sellers, and buyers (employers). In view of special specificity and importance for a society of these mutual relations they are made out legally in the labour legislation.



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