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The voltage is 220 \ 230-watt (AC) 50 volts. Sockets dvuhvilochnye characteristic of continental Europe. Adapters to recommend him to carry.
Travellers of Central Asia will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of jewelry, clothing, and products of local craftsmen. Books, maps, postcards are also popular as souvenirs. For the export of carpets, there are limitations, which you can ask your guide before you buy.
The basic customs regulations of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Arriving visitors to Uzbekistan, as well as residents of the Republic of Uzbekistan shall have the right to bring into the country:
cash foreign currency in unlimited quantities with a mandatory declaration in the customs declaration form of the T-6. Foreign currency in cash amounting to 5,000 U.S. dollars or its equivalent in other foreign currency passed in our country with required filling out a customs declaration, and the foreign currency in cash in an amount exceeding the equivalent of U.S. $ 5000, passed by the customs authorities of the republic with the issuance of certificates form TC- 28. At the request of a resident or nonresident foreign currency in cash shall be deposited by receipt of the TC-21, and the fee is not charged;
for the personal use of medicines: insulin and other antidiabetic agents within 30 packages. Specified number of drugs approved for one-time entry, determined from the approximate calculation of the content of no more than 10 vials or 30 tablets (capsules and other dosage forms) in one package.


What basic achievements and failures of independent Uzbekistan? What future waits the largest state of Central Asia? About it in interview "to the Truth. Ru" Andrey Grozin argues Central Asia managing department and Kazakhstan of Institute of the CIS countries and Baltic.

- Of what successes Uzbekistan can brag by right?

The main achievement - that Uzbekistan has managed to remain in borders of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. 20 years ago there were big doubts, that it will be possible to it. Objective preconditions for country disintegration were - disputes with neighbours, presence of regional clans, Islamic threat, rupture of economic communications with other republics USSR.

However Karimovu it was possible to make so that the agrarian-industrial republic has not turned to completely agrarian. He has managed to parry and performances of Islamites - as to prisnopamjatnyh events in Andizhan of 2005, and during them, and after.

- The president spoke about a democratic way of development. But switching-off of Internet sites somehow with democracy does not match. The Uzbek power is how much rigid?

- The mode in Uzbekistan authoritative, and switching-off of sites confirms once again it. However, all modes in Central Asia are authoritative - raznitsja only degree of their authoritarianism. And the further, the more power grows stiff. Judge: on 28 million inhabitants of Uzbekistan, on different to estimations, it is necessary from 800 thousand to one million silovikov, on their maintenance leaves to a budget quarter.

However the cult of personality similar to volume that has appeared at Saparmurate Niyazov in the next Turkmenia, in Uzbekistan is not present. Gold statues of Islam Karimova are not present either in Tashkent, or in other cities of the country.



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