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In his three zones preserved inscriptions date of construction year -1127, the name of the donor - the ruler of Bukhara Arslanhana and name of the builder - usto Bako, whose tomb, according to legend, is one of the nearby neighborhoods.
Served as a minaret calling the Muslims to the holiday or the Friday prayers in the mosque, which is located nearby, at the foot of the Great.
Kalon Mosque (1515)
Congregational or Friday mosque Kalyan is one of the oldest in Central Asia and the second largest after the mosque Bibi Khanum (Samarkand). Archaeological excavations indicate the presence in its territory of several ancient floors. The building was presumably initiated in the XV century and completed in 1515, this inscription over the entrance to the mosque.
The mosque belongs to the type of open mosque with a large rectangular courtyard. The main building of the west wall is artistically decorated mihrab, a high portal with a carved mosaics and interior dome, which rises above the outer dome on a high decorative drum. The dome rises above all the buildings of the city and is buried in the blue sky of Bukhara. On the contrary the mosque, on the same axis with it, is located madrasa Mir-i-Arab.
Madrassah Mir-i-Arab (1530-1536 gg.)
Madrassah Mir-i-Arab was once famous throughout the Islamic world. It was built in the years 1530-1536 on the orders of the ruler of Bukhara, Ubaidulla Khan, in recognition of Sufi Abdullah Al Yamani, raise the people to fight the Iranian invaders. And once it was no less known than that of Al Azhar, Cairo madrasas. According to Director of madrassas Muhiddin Numonova, Mir Arab in 114 cells, the number of verses in the Koran, which also, as ever of old, live students, teaching them the discipline of secular and theological science.


In 2009-2010 in Uzbekistan on political grounds has been convicted of at least 868 people. For at least another 550-600 people were arbitrarily detained briefly as part of the search of persons suspected of terrorism and extremism. By the end of 2010 at least 105 defendants were on trial or awaiting trial. These data lead director of the Central Asia program of the Moscow Human Rights Centre "Memorial" Vitaly Ponomarev's report "Political repression in Uzbekistan in 2009-2010".
The names of 474 convicted on political grounds in 2009-2010 "Memorial" was set on the basis of reports of human rights defenders, the study of the available legal and investigative documents, publications, media, survey of refugees and migrant workers. Of these, at least 138 were convicted in 2009, and not less than 333 - in 2010. As of December 31, 2010, 45 people were awaiting trial, criminal proceedings against the three were terminated in 2009 under an amnesty, set the names of seven previously unknown political prisoners, for which there is no information on the year of sentencing. The names of five people who were forcibly returned to Uzbekistan in the period from Russia, and four asylum seekers extradited to Kazakhstan in 2010.
Comparing these figures with similar data for previous years suggests that the extent of repression in 2009-2010 was less than during the peak years of 1999-2001, but higher than in 2004-2006. Only 15 percent of the punishment was not associated with deprivation of liberty.


 12 - Across the country, you can easily find exchange offices. Often, such agencies hotels and airports. Beside money can replace almost all branches of banks. The most widely used currency that is accepted by banks and money changers, the dollar, euro, Japanese yen, the Russian ruble.
Exhange offices in Tashkent >>>
Uzbekistan visitors should be aware that the Uzbek used to summarize the single currency as the currency in Uzbekistan. Payment for goods and services to other currencies is illegal and criminal liability.
Rules of Procedure of the import / export local currency Uzbekistan >>>
Uzbekistan: myths and reality
Breaking stereotypes Uzbekistan
Very often we are faced with widespread and strong, but false opinions and judgments of a phenomenon, event, and in some cases even an entire country. Unfortunately, they often do not recognize the enslavement of our minds these stereotypes, misrepresentations, myths and dogmas. Sometimes it happens because of the limited knowledge about certain concepts, sometimes it is done intentionally. As a result, these "myths", an influential stereotypes of judgments and beliefs. This page was common stereotypes and myths of Uzbekistan to collect a good name in question, to destroy them real facts and strong arguments.
1 Uzbekistan - it will not (or), Afghanistan and Pakistan
Unfortunately, many residents in the United States and Europe believe that. No, ladies and gentlemen, the suffix '-stan' only eastern origin. Not in any way represent any political relationship of the known circumstances. Uzbekistan sovereign and independent State which has withdrawn from the Soviet breakup. Uzbekistan is one of the Central Asian republics. Period.



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