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Freedom of expression is still severely restricted. It is saved by the Government encouraged the practice of forced child labor in cotton harvesting. As before, the authorities denied justice for the Andijan massacre in 2005, when government troops killed hundreds of mostly unarmed protesters.
In connection with the democratic movements of the "Arab spring" the government increased security presence throughout the country and strengthened an already tight control over the Internet. Despite the unwillingness of Tashkent to respond to the concerns associated with the glaring problems, the U.S. and the EU in 2011, continued to establish closer relations with Uzbekistan, being interested in promoting its operations in Afghanistan.
Human rights activists and independent journalists
In Uzbekistan, human rights activists and other peaceful civil society activists are regularly subjected to threats by the authorities, imprisonment, ill-treatment and torture. In 2011 the government continued harassment of activists and the intervention of an independent civil society.
In prison or under investigation for his activities are at least 13 human rights defenders: Salijon Abdurakhmanov, Azam Farmonov, Carry Isakov, Gaibullo Jalilov, Alisher Karamatov, Jamshid Karimov, Norboy Kholjigitov, Rasul Hudaynazarov, Ganihon Mamatkhanov, Habibullah Okpulatov, Yuldash Rasulov, Dilmurod Saidov and Akzam Turgunov.



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9 - Hodge Ubaidullah Ahrar - Sufi saint, a thinker, a miracle
Hodge Ubaidullah Ahrar incorrect name of a saint. So people started it. As an adult for a good cause Hodge was named the Ubaydulla.

Born in a mountain village near Tashkent Bogistan 806 AH (1404). As the story goes, the boy in the "Night of Power" was the month of Ramadan in which Allah revealed the holy Quran, the Prophet Muhammad was born. The racial Khoja Ahrar mother went to the home of the blessed saint, the second Caliph Omar. Father Mahmud Khoja Ahrar-Hodge was the younger brother of Mohammed's son Khoja Khoja Shahobiddin Bucky Baghdad, who was famous for learning. He initiated the mysteries of the Sufi teachings.

Family history Khoja Ahrar says that blessed Hodge Shahobiddin Hoxha's death Mahmud Khoja Ahrar called his father and asked him to give her a grandchild. Khoja Ahrar was a kid. And when it was his grandfather who took him in his arms, he said, tears of emotion in his eyes, "Oh, how sad to die, and now I can not see in his prime, he was the favorite of God can do miracles, and kings seek the advice of . "Kissed grandson Shahobiddin gave instructions to his son Muhammad Khoja protect and carefully cultivating small Hodge.

If Khoja Ahrar was 22 years old, his uncle was sent to Samarkand. In the madrasa students performances scholars, such as Kazi Zade Rumi, Kashi, and loved to talk about Ulugbek Madrassah students. But Khoja Ahrar does not deal with this aspect of life in Samarkand. He was not interested in algebra. It was another emotional needs, and stretched. As he was young madrassa Hodge, only to learn Arabic script. 

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