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January 18, 2010 at Gulistan Syrdarya region, was detained a member of the community of Evangelical Christians-Baptists Tochar Haydarov. The police came at the request of his mother, dissatisfied by the fact that her son converted to Christianity. In your pocket, and later arrested in the apartment had been planted drugs. In order to obtain confessions Haydarov subjected to severe torture. March 9, 2010 Gulistan city court convicted him in preparing the illegal sale of narcotics on a large scale, and sentenced to 10 years in prison. An appeal was otklonena1. And fellow human rights activists consider it to be fabricated.
Pentecostal Pastor Dmitry Shestakov in Andijan, was convicted in 2007, was released from prison January 21, 2011
Five Baptists who held a consistent event in a nursing home in Tashkent were arrested and sentenced April 4 to pay a fine of $ 2,500 U.S., accounting for two-year cost of living in this country. Relatives of the penalty Baptists believe that once they can not pay these fines, they will be evicted from apartments and seize property.
According to "Memorial", the West (as well as partners within the CIS, Uzbekistan) underestimates the seriousness and extent of problems related to political repression in Uzbekistan, and their potential dramatic impact on regional stability.


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9 - In recent years, historically formed the center of ceramics can be revived, to a range of ceramic products (tableware, feeders, bowls, bowls of water and milk, a variety of Khums leader in total), the quality is better. The Master, having felt the support of the government, to increase production volume to achieve the efficiency and competitiveness of their products.
Approaching the local specificities forget to keep your shapes and images. However, handcrafted decorative and graphic motifs appear in the establishment of the new pottery. The masters of the Samarkand school again as the traditions of the craft decoration elements modeled heads of animals and birds. The oldest champion in Rishton and representatives of the young generation of bright technical skills like shapes (master - kuzagars) and painting (Master - nakkoshi).
The special ceramic Rishton - Bichromatic color - restored the production of the famous secret ishkor glaze paint made from plant ashes. Nowadays Masters willing to work with light alkaline glazes. In particular, the establishment of Rishton pottery examples of plants, kumgans, symbols of wealth and sufficiency, knives, birds, fish, elements of architectural decoration. The old tradition of figurative boats - water in the form of duck-Musalla, revived.
Notable hereditary master A.Rakhimov son, ceramics and ceramic research in Tashkent, Uzbekistan M.Rakhimov. He does the dishes Temur of Kashgar and style. Black ceramic Samarkand. The rich technological experience art national champions in almost all regions of the republic is reflected Rakhimova masterpieces. The tradition of clay toys, an attribute of the old cultural celebrations coming back. This type of Bukhara and Samarkand ceramic crafts schools of the past were almost completely gone.
Uzbek Suzani
Suzann decorative picture, embroidered silk or cotton.
For centuries, various schools of art, embroidery Suzann was: Nurata, Bukhara, Samarkand, Urgut, Shakhrisabz, Tashkent and Fergana schools. Each school is unique in the characteristics of the original colors and embroidery.  

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