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Some there are serious health problems, at least seven were subjected to ill-treatment or torture. For example, relatives of the convicted human rights Gaibullo Jalilov after meeting with him in January, reported that he was repeatedly tortured: including, as a result of beatings with a stick, he almost lost his hearing.
Prison term on politically motivated charges and other activists are serving, including independent journalists and opposition figures. Despite the release of the poet Yusuf Jumaev and three activists (Farhad Mukhtarova Norboy Kholjigitov and Maksim Popov), persecution of critics of the government continued, in general, with the same intensity.
Members of the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan for its activities were regularly subjected to arbitrary detention and de facto house arrest. April 24 its activists Elena Urlayeva, Victoria and Tatiana Bazhenov Dovlatov gave interview to Russian television program devoted to the situation of Russian-speaking population in Central Asia. The next evening, they became the target of attacks groups of women who came to their house, insulted and threatened with violence.
After the release of the broadcast was nominated Dovlatova against a claim for defamation, as is - with the filing of the authorities. Later, police searched her apartment, and she was deprived of much-needed benefits for disability.



The eighth layer 8 was not found.

The ninth layer. The monastery and the massive walls of the castle guarding the height of 5-6 meters. In the nineteenth century, covered the walls. Culture film thickness is 0, the ceramic piece of bone of animal origin. Tenth straty. IChat Kaly monastery walls were built 7-9 m. The height between the two parties. To the east was raskopa day. The ceramic eighteenth - the centuries decimonovenos 0 m thickness were found in the cultural layer.

Excavations? 5x37 m 3 range. Produced at the corner of Southeast iChat Kaly.

The first layer. Much as in the case of the excavation? ? And L? 2, the basics of the walls and towers of old discovered. The towers were rectangular (5.5x7.3 m.) Shape. , The height of the sand bottom 1,1-1.2 voice.. It was a deep layer of brick syrtsa (41-44x40-45x10-14 cm). The numbers (3x2.3 m.) The base of the tower was built of mud bricks and sand. First millennium BC were discovered in the central jug. The walls of slavery were exposed to eight feet long on the southeast corner.

The second layer of 13-22 cm thick. The thickness of the outer walls was increased 0.75-1.25 m. The total thickness of 3 feet. The wall section, which added 0.65 m. Higher than the base.

The third layer is to be signed by syrtsa the ruins of the brick 36-39x37-39x7-9 inches and 0.42 inches tall. The area Zamkovaja (1 January 1.5 x 1.5) contains the ruins of the oldest building on the corner of South East iChat Kaly built during this period.

The fourth layer is not known.

The fifth and sixth layers revealed a number of Muslim tombs.

The seventh and eighth layer was not found.

The ninth film that focuses on the remains.

Tenth layer. The walls of the old fortress walls of the monastery are replaced by new parties. The Gallery 2-3 m. The width of the front parapet 2.5-3 m. Tall, narrow slots and zubtsami was high on the wall in bondage.


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