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The report of Uzbekistan is represented as one of the most repressive countries in the world. It is noted that in a controlled, for 22 years by the former communist leader Islam Karimov, the country no legal opposition and independent media. Civil society and religious communities are under severe pressure from the authorities. Political repression is an integral part of public policy. Torture is systematic in nature. The number of political prisoners in Uzbekistan is considerably greater than in all other former Soviet republics together.
In custody are several thousand political prisoners, most of them convicted on doubtful cases of terrorism, Islamic extremism and illegal religious activities, more than 1,200 people are wanted on similar charges, the report says, "Memorial". "Black Lists" grow more and include tens of thousands of people in the country, which potentially threatens criminal prosecution.
The report finds that the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan contains provisions that unnecessarily restrict the freedoms guaranteed under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in 1966. In particular, the state criminalized any unauthorized religious activity.


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12 - Each of the four walls of the mausoleum are the same. The central axis of the space in the mausoleum large Gothic arches. Corners of the building from the outside flank the three quarters mighty brick columns. The walls of the inner and outer brick wall of the processed sample, which is a rich texture to the cut-off wall, so that the light in the building.
Samanid Mausoleum, built in the turn of the ninth and tenth century, according to legend, Ismail Samani, the founder of the Samanid state was established. It was later Samanid mausoleum tomb of the family: it was Ishmael was buried, and his grandson Ismail.
The building is well maintained and is one of the world's architectural masterpieces.
Chashma Ayub (1380 -1384/85g.g.) Of an unusual conical vaulted ceilings that give a unique intimacy of small dark room. All kinds of family mausoleum mood reflection ". Muslims do not die, but only through a door on the other"
Given that there is a water source (well) within the building, leadership always tells the legend, the appearance is to visit the place of the biblical prophet Job (Ayub).
Now this room is a museum of water and a traveling exhibition of carpets.

Ulugbek Madrasah (1417th) The only remaining building Bukhara, memory, high astronomic Ulugbek. The makers of the best schools in the early architects of the time Nazhmetdin Ismail Bukhari and Isfahan. It was cut into the door. "The pursuit of knowledge - the duty of every Muslim man and woman," the inscription over the door: madrassas Ulugbek - a rectangle "Above the circle of human knowledge in the book of wisdom, let every moment she opened the door to God's blessing be upon them." shaped building with a large courtyard decorated and look great portal. Sign fork cross aisles. One was at the end of the corridor darshona (study), the other - the mosque. On the second floor - the library. The facade of a two arcade and two wings. Both sides of the tower is closed - guldasta.Clear and the internal structure of the courtyard is framed by a two-story gallery in cells in which students lived. The walls and arches with a very modest but glittering tiles exactly where you expect it decorated. Madrassas decorated astral nature, which undoubtedly influenced the world as an astronomer Ulugbek. Peaceful monk spent his life prayers - in mosques, lectures - the darshan, speaking shady galleries.
Modeled after the madrasas began to build madrasas of Central Asia.

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