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In respect of currency is the rule that foreign citizens can not take out of the country's foreign currency in excess of imported if there is no documentary evidence of the legality of obtaining the money in Uzbekistan. For example, if the money was withdrawn from a bank account, you must be in possession of a bank receipt confirming receipt of money. So, if the customs declaration is filled out at the entrance, is lost, it would be problematic to remove a small amount in foreign currency.
Customs officer has the right to require you to show him a currency and to ensure the accuracy of the amounts counted notes.
Uzbek national currency "sum" can be easily obtained in exchange offices, which are sufficient in the capital, as well as in other major cities. In smaller cities and towns to find the currency exchange can be difficult, so please be in local currency in advance.
Note that in exchange offices accept only the new and the whole bill.
Travelers may wish to express my gratitude for services rendered carriers of baggage, waiters, drivers, attendants and tour guides. The size of gratitude depends on your evaluation of service. Usually the tip are given individually in an envelope upon completion of service.


Verigina which used researches and the calculations of grand duke Nikolay Konstantinovicha executed in 80th years of XIX century. Road management was in Orenburg.

The railway station in Tashkent has been constructed in 1899 under the project of the civil engineer of G.Svarichevskogo (1871 - 1936). After strong earthquake of 1902 the building was under repair till 1905. Then over the central entrance have established the big first city hours, the following reconstruction of station under the guidance of architect E.Limarja was carried out in 1935-1947. At last, in 1957 the Tashkent station has been completely reconstructed. The new building from concrete and glass on a place of the old is erected under the project of architects V.Birjukova, L.Travjanko and V.Rusanov.

From all kinds of a municipal transportation the bus transported the greatest quantity of passengers (1981, 52 % of total amount of transportations) in Tashkent.

The first bus in Tashkent has appeared in December, 1909, 10 eight-local buses worked. Their routes connected settlement Nikolsky (now-it Lunacharsky highway) and Kujljuk. In 1926, trust Uzbekpatopromtorg in which conducting there was 21 car is formed of them 7 buses among which the 40-seater bus of mark "Benz-Geggenau". In 1929 in the Tashkent streets there was a first domestic bus of manufacture of the Yaroslavl car factory. In 30th years the bus fleet of Tashkent has replenished "-8" and "-16".

Mass bus transportations have begun in 1949

All residential areas of Tashkent are connected by bus routes and to underground stations.



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