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At the time, Mir-Arab was the only secondary educational institution in the Muslim spiritual territory of the former Soviet Union.
Among the famous graduates of Arab world, called the Mufti of Azerbaijan Aayalo Shukur-Fallen-Zadeh, a former mufti of Kazakhstan Ratbeka Nysanbayuly, the head of the Russian Muslims Ravil Gaynuddina and killed Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov.
Featuring an audience, no different from regular school classes, Numonov says that now is one hundred students enrolled, mostly from Uzbekistan. Mufti practiced in areas receiving students from other countries. Along with the theological disciplines they study, and it is secular: chemistry, biology, physics, ethics, language, rhetoric and oratory. Upon graduation, students receive a standard diploma, giving them the right to teach in public schools.

The room on the left side of the entrance, the tomb, which contains the graves of Mir-i-Arab, his pupil Ubaidulla Khan and his royal relatives. On the right side is a mosque.
Ensemble of Labi-Hauz
Labi-Hauz ensemble consists of a 16th-century madrasah Kukeldash honako and Nadir Divan Begi Madrassah, built in the 17th century and the lake-house. Seamlessly blended into the ensemble a modern monument to the legendary hero of folklore Khoja Nasriddin Afandi.
Labi-Hauz (pond) (1620)
 Labi-Hauz is translated as "off the coast of the reservoir." He not only gave the name of the whole ensemble, but also served an important function in a tight urban area, creating a unique microclimate in this part of town. The centuries-old mulberry trees growing around the lake-house, provide shade on hot days. This place has always been a favorite place Bukharans. It housed the market, teahouse, hairdressers, barbers shops.
Waters of rectangular shape, dimensions - 36 x 42 meters, depth - 5 feet. Its shores, beveled at the corners, lined with large blocks of stone, with ledges, down on them for water, water-carrier (mashkoby), carries water to the skins for watering the streets and drinking. The water in the Labi-Hauz came out of the channel Shahrud flowing nearby.


In recent years, the dialogue on human rights issue of political prisoners are usually discussed only in the context of the destiny of about three dozen civil society and democratic opposition, the release of a few of them regarded as evidence of "positive change". In fact, these prisoners are used as hostages for political bargaining with the West, with the space freed almost immediately occupied by new prisoners.
At the same time, thousands of political prisoners remain in prison, subjected to cruel and discriminatory treatment. Many of them are convinced that the international community does not do enough to change the situation. October 27, 2009 the EU decided to lift sanctions against the country, imposed after the "Andijan events" that looked like an endorsement of the repressive policies of President Islam Karimov. The same symbolic importance was the meeting with Karimov in Brussels in January 2011 European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso.
The current real politis United States and the European Union on Uzbekistan needs to be reviewed, particularly in the context of recent developments in the Middle East that could repeat itself in Central Asia, and Uzbekistan for the more likely scenario of a violent struggle for the Libyan government, not the president's resignation under pressure demonstrators in Egypt, according to the authors of the report.


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10th - The plants and animals in the forest Zomin Mountain Park is located on the northern slopes of Turkestan mountain ranges accustomed to the harsh desert climate.
The rich natural resources, the region has ensured the creation and development of the specific companies. Manufacturers of building materials to see local raw materials such as gypsum, limestone, marble and others. There are rich deposits of non-ferrous metals in the mountains that encircle the Jizzakh province. The lead generation industry. The heavy metallurgy, machine building, wood, woodworking, light and food industries are well developed. There are 94 companies in the state
Range. The facilities for the production of building materials and plastics, knitwear, cotton processing plants, the cotton plant bases and housing companies are just a few examples of local industrial activity.
There are 16 joint ventures, 33 457 small and medium enterprises and cooperatives. The Uzbek-Syrian "Pakhta International," Uzbek-British "Jibchi" Uzbek-Tajik "Kumusb Tola" Uzbek-Pakistani "Irjartextile" Uzbek-Chinese "Maciina", "Bereke-Lupsa" Uzbek-Italian "Pakblakor-Anjent" " the Anjent International "," Babur "Uzbek-Ukrainian" Basel "Uzbek-Portuguese" Lockistir "strategically important joint ventures in the province.
The leading branch of agriculture cotton. In addition, livestock, grain, vegetables, grapes, cocoon production and beekeeping is well developed.
The main form of transportation vehicles. The length of motorways, 4100 km. The major highways arejizzakh-Gulistan (100 km), Jizzakh, Samarkand (90 km), Jizzakh-Pakhtakor (27 km), Jizzakh-Ettisoy (65 km), Jizzakh, Tashkent (180 km), Marjonbulok, Tashkent (220 km) . The length of the railway network is 217.8 km.
There are 488 public schools in the province. Some secondary schools, high schools, College of Education, and a branch of the Tashkent Institute of Technology, the Military Aviation Academy, and special sport and music school.
Two theaters, 173 clubs, 302 libraries, museums, 4, 72 health facilities and 3 operates nursing homes in the province.



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