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The big celebration was held in this square. Stalls were decorated with carpets and embroideries. In the evening the lights, stalls were set. Crowds Bukharans after the festive prayer walks in the area of ​​Labi-Hauz.
Kukeldash (1578)
The earliest building, part of the Labi-Hauz ensemble, Madrassah Kukeldash It was built in the 16th century. This is the largest city of madrasas. Ppredstavlyaet a two-storey building with a large mosaic at the entrance portal, filed a deep arched niches, flanked at the corners of the graceful columns of translucent green onyx. Portal madrassas are stretched and completed towers - guldasta. This building has an unusual architectural design, it is not closed, ie, the outer side and back side of madrassas, like the chief, decorated with deep balconies.
In the madrasa 160 hujras here studied and lived 320 students. The decor was not rich back then, and only small fragments survived to this day. . Later in the 17th century, architects have been built near the lake-House has two buildings. One mosque - honako Nadir Divan Begi.
Honako Nadir Divan Begi (1620)
It is a rectangular building with a domed cruciform overlap with non-traditional elongated narrow portal and side turrets. Niche domed hall are decorated with stalactites. Hall-dome, round it to the 2nd floor are hujra. Here you see the mihrab, decorated with rich architectural decoration.
Honako was the seat of the dervishes (itinerant monks who preached Sufism). Sufism - the mystical-ascetic teachings of Islam. Originally, Sufism appeared in the 8th century the Arabs in Syria, Iraq and Egypt.
Over time, there are many awards, such as Kubrava, Naqshbandi. The founder of the Naqshbandi Order was a native of Bukhara Bakhouddin Naqshbandi. At 12 km from Bukhara, in the village Kasri Orifon, is his memorial, and many other followers of Sufism are natives of the city, among them Abdulkholik Gijduvani, Muhammad al-Bukhari.
Although the architectural layout of honako disproportionate, it still fits into the architectural ensemble. At the same axis with it is Nadir Divan Begi Madrassah.
Nadir Divan Begi Madrasah (1630)
Madrasahs of the 17th century Nadir Divan Begi. The same rectangular portal, in 2 rows stretching hujra, on each side of the tower - guldasta.


The park consists of a bus transport buses of small and large capacity, which are served in 10 bus parks of the city of Tashkent. Bus fleet includes such brands as: Mersedes-Benz (Connecto, Citaro), ISUZU, Otoyol, Hyundai, Daewoo, LAZ. Since 2005, the rolling stock "Toshshahartranshizmat" meet environmental safety standards Euro-3.
An interesting innovation introduced one of the companies of the capital of Uzbekistan, which provides transportation services for passengers passenger transport. At the international airport of Tashkent to the services provided to passengers arriving taxis equipped with GPS-navigation system. The passengers and IP-telephony services a number of online services.
This innovation is convenient for both passengers and drivers. Passengers can get detailed information on the intended route, the order value, and the drivers to respond quickly to orders received.
2.2 Procedures deliver tourists to the city of Khiva
Hivam - a city in the Khorezm region of Uzbekistan.
Khiva is a pearl of Khorezm oasis.
Through the city-oases of Uzbekistan for centuries the main trade route ran East. For these paths were moving caravans with goods on them also come here numerous conquerors. At the beginning of the XIII century, Central Asia was devastated by the Tatar-Mongols. Nomads almost to the ground destroying wealth and culture of Samarkand.



8 - Credit cards and ATMs

Credit cards are not widely used outside the boundaries of quality restaurants and hotels in Uzbekistan in Tashkent. The shops, restaurants and transport rumaque Uzbek paid more. Hotels B and B, more U.S. dollars. Some quality hotel in Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Visa. The master of the rare cards. ATMs were not large circulation in Uzbekistan. The quality of hotels in Tashkent, usually separate ATM MasterCard and Visa cards are dollars spent in the United States, but one or both are not so often or cash. Some banks across the country in Tashkent, ATMs that accept Visa or MasterCard, even though it is full of uncertainty. I always have a replacement plan. One sure way to get dollars Irlo bank and get the cash in your credit card. Some banks Visa (UzKDB Bank, National Bank of Uzbekistan, the bank RBS), and the only bank to deliver cash benefits Asaka Mastercard. Banks are perceived by 2-4%, which was withdrawn this service.

The system will work: 9:00-16:00, break for lunch 13:00 bis 14.00 clock

This Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Money changers working time to 24 hours, from 8.00 to 18.00, the big hotels.



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