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Uzbekistan trip

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Day 1: Meeting at the airport in Tashkent and Tashkent city transfer. You will have breakfast at the hotel. This night you will spend in the hotel.
Day 2: At 7:00 in the morning. Pass the airport. Morning flight to Urgench. Arrive in Urgench, Khiva pass, hotel solutions. Survey images of Khiva: iChat-Kala architectural complex (1219 c). - World Heritage Site by UNESCO - a stance the last Khan including Ismail Hoxha Mausoleum, Mohammed Amin Khan madrassah. A dinner and overnight. This night you will spend in the hotel in Khiva.
Day 3: At 7:00 in the morning. Leave Khiva and Bukhara go to (6 hours). A dinner in a way. Arrival in Bukhara. Registration at the hotel. This night you will spend in the hotel in Bukhara.
Day 4: After our breakfast you will have an excursion Bukhara: Ismail Samonid mausoleum (a burial place of the Samani dynasty founder Ismail Samani, 10th century), Minaret Passes also provides Passes drink glass, Miri Arab Madrassah, a complex Lyabi House, Castle Ark (home to the governors of Bukhara), Chor young. A dinner and overnight. This night you will spend in the hotel in Bukhara.
Day 5: At 7:00 in the morning. Nurata engine. Visiting an old mosque holy spring water and fish sanctuary, old ruins of a castle built by Alexander the Great. A dinner. Go to the village Yangigazgan, then the Kyzylkum desert Yurtas Kazakhstan. Learn how the evening went to the camel. A dinner tour of the fire sing songs linked Kazakhstan Kazakhstan national. This night you will spend in Yurtas.
Day 6: At 7:00 one morning. A camel go in Kyzylkum. Motor Aydarkul lake. A dinner. After the engine in Samarkand. Arrive in Samarkand. This night you will spend in the hotel in Samarkand.
Day 7: After our breakfast you will have an excursion to Samarkand which will include: famous Registan Square (with Century 17 Sherdor madrasas, Such Kori and Ulugbek 15th century), Shokhi Zinda necropolis (important place of pilgrimage in Samarkand), remains of the magnificent Bibi Khanum Mosque, Gur Emir Mausoleum of (where the invading Emir Temur (Tamerlane), his sons and two grandsons two is buried, the 15th century), Ulugbek Observatory. A dinner and overnight. This night you will spend in the hotel in Samarkand.
Day 8: At 7:00 one morning. Tashkent engine (4 hours). Arrival in Tashkent. Solutions to the hotel. A dinner. Excursion Tashkent, including the Chorsu Market visitings in a part of the old town of Tashkent, and Khas Imom Kukuldash mosque - Muslim religious official center in Central Asia, consists of Barak Khan Madrassah. This night you will spend in the hotel in Tashkent.
Day 9: Pass the airport for your initial flight.

Currently, the company "Uzavtoyul" has more than 30 thousand engineers, workers, technical and administrative employees. The company has a large number of highly skilled, trained on the basis of international experience in the design, construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, road infrastructure, as well as management and environmental protection.
Design institutes are equipped with the latest computer technology and software, survey equipment and laboratories, the U.S. and Europe. The production base includes modern road-building machinery and equipment companies, "Caterpillar", "Wirtgen", "Liebherr", "Hamm", "Vogel", "ABG", "Daynapak", "Hitachi", "Komatsu", "Cato "," Nissan "," ELBA ", etc. These machines are used at various sites.
The aim of the company "Uzavtoyul" is to ensure safety, all-round development and improvement of roads to meet the needs of the total population and the economy of the republic in the transport vehicle at the lowest cost. Of great importance, the solution to create the country's transport and communications network, providing customers a reliable, convenient, safe and cost-effective transport links.

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