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They are convinced that the fate of political prisoners in Uzbekistan has become a subject of concern and discussion at the international level, and are reminded that during the active co-operation with the United States in 2001-2003 Uzbekistan annually freed up to 1,000 political prisoners, that not only did not create any problems in terms of the stability of the political situation, but on the contrary, contributed to reducing tensions in the society. Therefore, certain employees of the "Memorial", it is necessary to achieve compliance by Uzbekistan's international obligations on human rights both in terms of reviewing individual cases and law reform (criminal and criminal procedural law, the laws governing religious activities and the fight against terrorism), to prevent torture and due process guarantees. Even if these efforts do not give immediate effect, they are important in the context of the strengthening of democracy in the region and moral support to those who seek to review cases of alleged victims of unjustified persecution.
The human rights situation in Uzbekistan is still woefully inadequate, no significant improvement in 2011 did not happen. Torture and criminal justice are synonymous. The authorities continue persecution of civil society activists, journalists and representatives of the opposition and persecution of believers who practice their faith lies outside state.


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10 Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the Silk Road is the capital city today as it was 2,000 years ago. The name means "Stone Fortress", little remains of the old city is a leveling earthquake in 1966 and the Soviet-era reconstruction. Those buildings that can not survive in Tashkent to withdraw from the roots of the importance of architecture, abundant green spaces, a traditional puppet show and a wealth of museums and educational institutions. Always been an important trade and transportation center, and the new as a major economic center of Central Asia, it is no wonder that the Tashkent or the "Star of the Orient".
Do not let the size fool Uzbekistan on the map, it's huge areas of Asia. Uzbekistan is higher than in Italy, the same area as in Spain. An ancient center of the arts and sciences, and the Silk Road and Uzbekistan at the center of the emerging Central Asia.
Samarkand is the second largest city in Uzbekistan and the south of the country near the border with Tajikistan and Shahrisabz. Samarkand is on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage, and a center of education and culture in Central Asia for thousands of years. Samarkand is said, built the first paper mill in the Islamic world after two Chinese prisoners told the secret of papermaking, who then spread throughout Central Asia and Europe. Alexander is fascinated by the city, and said, "Everything you've heard is true Samarkand, except that it is even more beautiful than I ever imagined .." Travelers who viewed Tour Uzbekistan still feel the way to the magical city today.
Samarkand is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world, and flourished as a trade center when traveling on the famous Silk Road from China to the Mediterranean went through the city. Probably founded around 700 BC the Persians and Alexander the Great conquered the famous 329 BC Samarkand later became part of Turkey an empire, and has appeared with many other cities in Central Asia, Genghis Khan 1220th The famous rulers of Central Asia, Timur (Tamerlane known in Europe), Samarkand was rebuilt later and made it the capital of his kingdom. The city of Samarkand shows the history of a great variety of wonderful memories of this variety.  

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