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- Uzbekistan faces what sharpest social and economic problems?

- In the Constitution of Uzbekistan it is fixed, that it is the social state. Formally much more social, than Russia and Kazakhstan. Really, in the country there are 17 different categories of exempts. However on hands they receive simply ridiculous money. The statistics in this respect or does not exist, or it causes weight of questions. A standard of living in Uzbekistan - one of the lowest among the CIS countries.

Disproportion in development of regions - too a huge problem. For example, located in the west of the country Kara-Kalpak, as well as all Priarale - region of continuous depression. The country population is distributed non-uniformly. For example, population density in Fergana valley person on square kilometre exceeds one thousand. Such indicators exist unless to Bangladesh or the largest megacities of Europe and East Asia.

- And what with a demography?

- The population of Uzbekistan grew all Post-Soviet years. On population census of 1989 it made approximately 24 million. Today exact data are not present, but by estimations of experts - approximately 28 million. Birth rate falls today, however in families on the average - all the same three-four children.

Most likely, this indicator will fall, however all goes to that shortly Uzbekistan becomes the CIS country second for a population, having bypassed Ukraine. Now annually schools let out from 500 to 600 thousand young men. The state tries to employ them, but to solve a problem to it it is not possible.


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